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Driving classics into the future. Millers Oils is one of the few companies to offer a range of engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments developed specifically for the owners of classic cars, motorcycles and commercials. Our Classic products benefit from the latest advances in lubrication technology to create oils that not only meet older viscosity requirements but also provide maximum protection and actively prolong the life and performance of treasured vehicles.Modern oils are not suitable for use in older vehicles. Modern oils are formulated for modern engine designs, modern manufacturing processes and to enable them to meet existing and future emission legislation. This results in increasingly thinner oils. In the majority of instances these are not suitable for older vehicles which were designed to run on oils with completely different viscosities.Millers “Classic” Range has been specifically developed to protect and enhance the engines of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles.


Cost of freight is €5,     Goods above €120, freight charge is free!

  • Classic Mini Oil 20w50 €32.00 Inc. VAT
    millers classic mini oil
    Mineral based engine oil specifically made to incorporate EP levels of gear protection for use in combined engine and gearbox applications. Ideally suited for classic Mini, Cooper or Cooper S, Austin/Morris 1100 and 1300. Can also be used in older classic motorcycles where the clutch runs in engine oil.
    Per 5 litres
  • Classic Sport 20w60 €42 Inc. VAT
    classic sport 20w60
    This extra high performance product has a SAE viscosity grade of 20w60 and is a semi synthetic multigrade engine oil. made with enhanced performance additives and shear viscosity improvers to deliver higher protection
    Per 5ltr
  • Classic Sports 20w50 €35.00 Inc. VAT
    Semi synthetic engine oil for classic performance and sports car engines. Ideally suited for post war to early 80s performance cars like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche and Ford and similar high output engines. Maintains high oil pressure and reduces consumptions.
    Per 5 Litres
  • Millers Classic Pistoneeze 20w50 €29.95 Inc. VAT
    High quality multigrade mineral oil for classic petrol and diesel engines with the latest technology and performance additives. Used for engines of primarily pre-1980 vehicles. Suitable for higher mileage applications where oil consumption is a problem.
    Per 5ltr
  • Classic 20w50 NT Nanodrive €65 Inc. VAT
    Classic 20w50 NT Nanodrive
    A fully synthetic high performance low friction engine oil intended for classic high performance vehicles, where this performance level is required on a regular basis.
    Per 5Ltr
  • Millers Falcon 20W50
    A quality oil for basic classic engines.
    Per 20 litre drum

  • Vintage Millers M30-M40-M50 €35 Inc. VAT
    Monograde non-detergent for classic and vintage engines. Highly refined solvent neutral base oils with additive treatment to provide wear resistance. ideal for older engines and gearboxes of pre-1930s cars.
    Per 5 Litres M30

  • Classic Running in oil €29.95 Inc. VAT
    millers classi -running oil
    Maintenance & Preparation, Mineral Running in Oil, Automotive SAE 30 running in oil for classic engines. Highest quality solvent refined mineral base stocks treated with specially designed additive system.
    Per 5 Litres SAE 30



  • Classic Gear Oil EP 80w90 API GL4
    Contains EP (extreme pressure) additives for bevel and lightly loaded hypoid gears,gear oils exceeding API GL4 for classic transmissions and axles requiring GL performance which is also suitable for brass and bronze components i.e. non stain.
    Per 1 Litre. Classic lable

Fuel Treatments

  • VSPe Power Plus (Treats 500Ltrs) €29.95 Inc VAT
    VSPe Power Plus
    Lead substitute and octane booster. Enables classic vehicles to run safely on unleaded petrol. Lubricates valves, guides and prevents value seat recession. Adds up to 2 octane to base fuel. Unleaded fuels now contain ethanol which can cause fuel system corrosion problems in some classic vehicles. VSPe contains ethanol protection.
    Per 500ml multidose. Was €35