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At Liquid Technology we are proud to be the Irish distributor for the most innovate and advanced product ranges available. Millers Oils UK, who are now 130 years in business, excel in Classic, Motorsports and Automotive oils and fuel treatments with the most advanced Nanodrive engine and transmission oils. This is extremely advanced technology with ultra low friction and power increasing oils.


Penrite Classic Oils, Australia, founded in 1926, offer an outstanding range of classic oils for cars, motorcycles and trucks. Dealing in specialist engine and gear box oils suitable for vehicles from the Edwardian period right up to 1990 but using high levels of zinc ZDDP essential for older classic engines.


Classic Oils offer a range of very high quality engine and gear box oils at an extremely realistic price. These oils are blended in the UK to a very exacting standard and offer a high level of ZDDP (zinc phosphates) anti wear additives. . Specialising in engine oils for the original classic VW Beetle, American Muscle Cars, the 1980s and 1990s Hot Hatches and the Classic Heritage 20w50 which suits a wide range of engines from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.


Evans Waterless Engine Coolant is the most advanced engine coolant available, will outlast the life of your engine. It controls running temperature and never needs to be changed. No more corroded cooling systems. Used in a vast range of classic engines and world top race teams.


Rustbuster is the complete rust treatment system and steel renovation epoxy paint and primers. Rustbuster is an award winning range of treatments for complete or partial restoration of vehicles and corroded steel surfaces.


Liquid Technology have now made it possible for all enthusiasts both in classic and motor sports to avail of these outstanding products and we do our best to offer exact and precise technical advice
We distribute nationwide at a very low cost.


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 Liquid Technology Ltd – Irish Distributors of Millers Oils, Evans Waterless Engine Coolants and Rustbuster Rust Treatment Products.              GOODS AVAILABLE WITHIN IRELAND ONLY