Classic Oils

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The Classic Oils Range
  • Heritage 20w50 Classic Engine Oil
    heritage 20w50 oil
    A high-quality multigrade mineral oil designed for classics in good condition with oil filters. It’s high-zinc content (1300 parts per million) makes it ideal for engines with heavily-loaded rubbing surfaces, eg cam lobes and tappets.
    Per 5Ltrs
  • Classic Hot Hatch 10W-40 Engine Oil
    A semi synthetic multigrade engine oil meeting ACEA and API specifications required by many high performance Hot Hatches from the 1980's and 90's.
    Per 5Ltrs
  • Beetlejuice HD30 Classic Engine Oil
    Beetlejuice HD30 engine oil is formulated from high quality base oils and carefully selected additives, the dual demands of cooling and lubrication are handled easily, ensuring your Beetle enjoys a long life and reliable running.
    Per 5 Litre
  • Classic Muscle Car 10W-30 Engine Oil
    Classic Muscle Car 10W-30 is a low viscosity multigrade engine oil, suitable for many American V8's of the 1960's and 70's. Classic 10W-30 is manufactured from selected base oils and a carefully balanced additive package to produce a modern oil that is properly suited to the needs of the older V8 engine.
    Per 5 Litre