Millers Oils Ireland

Driving Classics Into The Future


Millers Oils is one of the few companies to offer a range of engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments developed specifically for the owners of classic cars, motorcycles and commercials. Our Classic products benefit from the latest advances in lubrication technology to create oils that not only meet older viscosity requirements but also provide maximum protection and actively prolong the life and performance of treasured vehicles. Modern oils are not suitable for use in older vehicles. Modern oils are formulated for modern engine designs, modern manufacturing processes and to enable them to meet existing and future emission legislation. This results in increasingly thinner oils.

The Spirit Of Competition

The racetrack provides the ultimate proving ground for high performance products – and it’s here that Millers Oils has built a strong reputation. We’ve earned our place on the grid, not through marketing, but solely through the quality of our products and technical support. Engine builders, engineers and drivers competing at all levels of motorsport demand lubricants and fuel treatments that will perform under the most extreme conditions. We’re working with them, developing technically advanced products to boost performance, provide maximum protection and prolong component life. Innovation, for us, is a race without a finish line.

 Liquid Technology Ltd – Irish Distributors of Millers Oils, Evans Waterless Engine Coolants and Rustbuster Rust Treatment Products.              GOODS AVAILABLE WITHIN IRELAND ONLY